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It’s hard to believe, but 2023 is here!

Our Big Guy Treadmill Review team wishes all of our faithful readers a Happy New Year!

If you’ve been to our website, or read some of our previous blogs, then you know that in addition to writing treadmill reviews our team members are also longtime sales associates in the fitness industry. We’re also avid fitness enthusiasts ourselves, finding lots of different ways to stay fit over the years.

We’ve seen lots of people come into our stores over the years telling us about their New Year’s Resolutions. We’ve seen many people succeed and lots of others come up short.

Looking to make a resolution in the new year?

Don’t worry – even though more than half of resolutions are doomed to fail, yours doesn’t have to be! Here are six tips to identify achievable goals that will improve your life and create an action plan for success. Join the few who actually reach their ambitious objectives this year!

Tips For The New Year

1. Have a measurable goal.

Instead of setting yourself up for failure with abstract resolutions such as “I want to be healthier” or “I desire more joy,” create measurable goals that will keep you on track and allow you to celebrate your achievements. For example, try committing to the gym three nights a week, or seeing friends twice monthly. Having a clear objective gives you an attainable target so that you can stay motivated towards success.

2. Start when ready.

Don’t be overwhelmed into starting your resolution on January 1st. In fact, it could put you at a disadvantage. When you’re feeling ready and committed to taking action for your goal, then start working toward success! Wait until you feel confident and prepared with what steps are necessary for achieving results.

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3. List action steps.

Achieving your goals of weight loss or getting out of debt requires more than a mere desire – it necessitates actual steps to create change. Constructing an action plan with objectives that you can stick to is essential for progress. Consider committing yourself: resolve to eat a salad as part of your lunch routine each day, or refrain from dining outside until all credit card bills are paid off. Taking these proactive measures will bring you one step closer toward achieving the results you want and need!

4. Plan for success.

It’s easy to feel motivated early on in the process. But after a week or two, your motivation will naturally wane.

To prepare yourself for that dip in motivation, set yourself up for success well in advance. Make bad habits inconvenient and good habits convenient.

Store the cookies in a hard to reach place. Keep your workout gear packed and ready to go. You’ll be more likely to do things that feel easy, even when your motivation declines.

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5. Don’t get derailed.

Life is full of temptations and barriers that can easily make your resolution go awry. It could be a lavish dinner invitation that would leave you with an empty wallet or no room in your diet, or possibly even extra work hours to distract you from reaching your goals. Despite these obstacles, don’t let them outweigh the power of determination!

Anticipate the roadblocks that you may run into in your first few weeks of carrying out your resolution. Strategize and come up with a plan to tackle these difficulties head-on. By planning ahead, you’ll be prepared for any novel obstructions that could potentially arise later on down the line as well.

6. Keep a logbook.

If you want to make sure that your efforts are paying off, it’s essential to find a way of tracking your progress. To do this, use an app or calendar system and log every day that you work towards achieving your goal. Alternatively, create visual aids such as charts, spreadsheets or graphs which will help show how much closer you’re getting to success!

Establishing an understanding of your achievements and the steps you’ve taken can be immensely inspiring. It’s also essential for reminding you that there is progress amidst any struggles or lack of advancement (which are common). Remember, successes don’t always come in a linear fashion; sometimes it takes a few missteps before things start to look up.