3G Cardio Elite RB X Recumbent Bike Review is Live!

Here at Big Guy Treadmill Review & Bikes we don’t talk much about electronics because we don’t like that most fitness companies make you pay $30 or more per month to access their program features.

We think this is ridiculous!

This would be like paying a monthly membership fee to have air conditioning in your car. With most companies, people spend $1000s on a piece of exercise equipment and then must pay $1000s more in monthly membership fees over the life of the product to use all the features.  It’s crazy, but fortunately that is changing.

One of the best recent advances in the fitness equipment world is FTMS Bluetooth.

The Fitness Machine Service protocol, better known as FTMS, is the latest Bluetooth standard used to control fitness equipment.  The advantage to FTMS Bluetooth is you don’t need a fancy, expensive built-in smart screen, which can cost a ton of money and will probably fail before the rest of your machine.

A person can have a simple, easy to use screen and then simply connect their specialty fitness equipment to their existing tablet or phone.  You do not need to rebuy inferior technology at an inflated price, you already own the best electronics display in the fitness industry.

And, because these types of fitness apps are constantly changing and improving, you can always try out new apps to use with you exercise equipment.  Very cool!

All you need to do is search the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for any type of fitness equipment app and give it a go!

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You can travel the world, race other people, hike the Swiss Alps and once you are bored, delete that app and try the next one! And, the best news of all: it’s FREE.

Some of the most popular apps that a user can link up to their treadmill or exercise bike are Kino Maps, Zwift and iCardio to name a few!

You can now use your tablet as your upper display.


Customers crave simplicity and convenience. They’re tired of piling on monthly subscription fees or dealing with endless emails, texts, and phone calls (ugh!) just for an online fitness membership. Let’s make it hassle-free and enjoyable!

Who wants the hassle of signing in and logging into their recumbent bike for updates? Not these folks! With FTMS Bluetooth, people get everything they need right at their fingertips. No extra steps, no cost, just much-appreciated convenience.

Why don’t all fitness manufacturers embrace FTMS? The answer is simple – they crave your monthly membership money! It’s time to uncover the truth behind their motives!

Look for FTMS Bluetooth on your next specialty fitness machine!