Life Fitness Club Treadmill Review is Live!

Two guys weighing combined 550 pounds walk on it at same time with no issues

The Big Guy Treadmill Reviews team knew before even setting out to review the Life Fitness Club 95T Treadmill that it’s one of the most respected machines in the industry.

Life Fitness dominates the health club industry and is in approximately 93 of gyms nationwide.  This is the iconic treadmill for a commercial gym.

Two very big guys on the Life Fitness Club Treadmill
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But just how sturdy is the Life Fitness Club 95T?

Big Guy Treadmill Reviews team leader “Big Mike” Sullivan is 6-foot-4, 298 pounds and he asked a fellow reviewer who goes 5-11, 250 to walk on it with him at the same time.

Watch the beginning of our “Big Guy” review video – it’s good for a laugh seeing the ‘tandem walk’ and also makes a statement about how impressive this treadmill is.

The Life Fitness Club 95T showed no sign of strain.

“This is a beast,” Sullivan said. “No one does a video review on a $7,890 MSRP treadmill, but we decided to do it.

“This is a ridiculously expensive treadmill, but with good reason. The quality is nuts. It weighs 505 pounds. We had two guys walk on this at the same time – we weighed a combined 550 pounds – and there were no issues.”

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If a treadmill can pass Big Mike and his team’s tests for quality, value and, of course, durability then it should be good enough for most everyone else, too. And last a long time.

The Life Fitness Club 95T Treadmill earned an 88 overall rating, trailing only three models that all sell for far less: 3G Cardio Elite Runner (95 score), Peloton Tread 3500 (92) and 3G Cardio Pro Runner (91).

Some of the grades from the Big Guy Treadmill Review team that stand out for the Life Fitness Club 95T Treadmill are overall comfort and design (A), cushioning and feel (A), handlebar placement (A) and treadmill stability (B).

The Life Fitness Club 95T also received a B for Overall Buying Experience, and a C for Customer Service. Its 4.0 HP motor matched the most powerful of 11 leading models that were tested.

Our Big Guy team concluded, “It’s awesome. It’s strong. It gets up to speed fast. It’s a big, strong treadmill. If you have this in your house, you’re definitely looking at your treadmill for the next 20-30 years.”

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The big drawback for the Life Fitness Club 95T is price, but there are some other issues.

“Even though the Life Fitness 95T is the best overall quality machine and costs more than twice the price of any other model, it did not score as high for a few reasons,” the Big Guy team reported. “It was the noisiest treadmill we tested (not surprising because it is built with an AC motor for a health club) and it did not have the best speed acceleration from 2 mph – 6 mph.

“It also did not test at the top of the scale for its true speed rating at 6 mph. But, this is still the best quality built treadmill in our lineup and definitely the most durable and would probably outlast every other treadmill by a good 10 years.  This is the type of treadmill that would not limit how a person or a family could use it.  Again, very impressive overall quality.”