ProForm Treadmill Review is Live!

Buyer beware for this machine

Reviewing the Pro Form Smart 2000 Treadmill was a challenging undertaking from the start due to its poor reputation in online reviews for having low-quality components and service issues upon arrival.

Despite this, we still purchased and assembled the treadmill with an open mind.

Then, voila, we literally had a problem practically right out of the box.

We don’t want to criticize ProForm 2000 harshly, and we plan to be fair in the review by giving the machine the benefit of the doubt. However, we also have to talk about the machine not working correctly despite being assembled by our longtime service tech, who’s one of the best in the business.

We contacted Pro Form and waited on hold for 17 minutes before speaking with someone in the service department. They informed us that we could resolve the issue ourselves through a diagnostic test on the upper console, which would correct it. We followed their instructions and got the incline functioning properly.

With that side note out of the way, let’s get on with the review of the Pro Form Smart 2000 and start with a positive finding: the open frame design of the treadmill is nice.

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The space feels ample and not cramped, and the upper display angle is suitable for taller users.

We are concerned that the placement of the display screen might cause discomfort for smaller users. They may need to lean forward to reach the upper console, which may cause their feet to accidentally hit the motor cover.

But, for a 6-foot-4, 298-pound, Kentucky Fried Chicken eating, diet Coke swigging behemoth like our team leader “Big” Mike, the angle and positioning is good.

Big the Pro Form 2000 treadmill stable despite its visibly shaky frame. He appreciated its overall feel and enjoyed using it.

The Pro Form Smart 2000 performed poorly in the speed accuracy test, showing a significant variation in speed when a heavier user was on the belt. At 6 mph, the treadmill’s actual speed was 6.06 mph or 101% of actual when no one was on it.

The treadmill experienced a significant decrease in speed to 5.78 mph when a user weighing 270 pounds was added. This decrease in speed is the largest we have observed in any treadmill we have tested, resulting in a nearly 5% drop in speed. Although the treadmill advertises a 300-pound user capacity, we have concerns about its long-term durability.

It seems that Pro Form has a short and limited warranty, suggesting they may not have confidence in the product’s durability. Although the treadmill is expensive, its price is mainly due to the large touch screen rather than the quality and stability.

One of the biggest features that sets the the Pro Form Smart 2000 Treadmill apart from other machines is the large touch screen display. Our reviews do not prioritize the features and extras.

We review treadmills that have a weight capacity of 300 pounds or more. If you prioritize a large display, this treadmill offers that feature. However, if you’re not interested in a fancy display or advanced features, this may not be the best treadmill for you. If you have the budget and want more advanced features, we recommend considering the Nordic Track 2450. Overall, our reviews are based on weight capacity and individual preferences.

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“I don’t know that this is the smartest purchase in my opinion,” Big Mike said. “Please see our extremely detailed treadmill comparison chart. If you have any questions reach out to us.”

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In summary, the Pro treadmill has a comfortable feel and a spacious open frame design suitable for larger users to run and walk on. Additionally, it features a greater incline than most other folding treadmills.

The treadmill has some negative factors such as a bouncy frame that raises concerns about its future service and reliability. It also experiences a considerable drop in speed when a heavier individual uses it, has a lot of plastic, and comes with a rubbing walking belt. Additionally, we had to deal with an incline service problem, but we managed to solve it thankfully.

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