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The Big Guy Treadmill Review presents Questions and Answers:

From: Twilite > Thanks Mike for giving of your time to reviews these treadmills. I’m just curious about this (3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill), this machine doesn’t look like it has a tablet holder. Can an after-market tablet holder be mounted on the console without ruining it. I was thinking of getting and an iFit subscription on my iPad to use in conjunction with this treadmill.

Big Guy Answer: So it actually does have a tablet holder that sits at the bottom center of the upper console and words great. Any Elite Runner you buy will have this tablet holder. This is a newer addition to the treadmill and has not been photographed in a studio yet so none of the online content will show it. If you call or email 3G Cardio direct then can send you a picture of the tablet holder. You can visit their website at 3gcardio.com. Thanks!

From: Christian Boch > Question: Which treadmill has a firmer deck .. this (3G Elite Runner) tread or the Peloton deck ?

Big Guy Answer: By firm, I assume you mean less cushion? The Peloton is a great treadmill but the deck literally has no give. It has no suspension and is like running on concrete. That was our biggest knock against that machine. The 3G Cardio Elite Runner still has a firm suspension but it does actually have some give to it. The main reason we gave a higher rating to the Elite Runner was for this exact reason. The Elite has a suspension that will give a little bit but still really good for heavier users and runners. Definitely not too soft like the cheaper brands.

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From: Jason Gatison > Comment: I was expecting a more in-depth (Big Guy Treadmill YouTube) review. This was a very high level basic review.

Big Guy Answer: It is a basic review but that is why you need to go check out the super detailed comparison chart on our website bigguytreadmillreview.com. You will find a ton of original, detailed content about the Elite Runner. I promise it is worth your time!

From: steves21zl1 > Question: Hey big Mike I’m a 300 pound guy I’m looking for a good treadmill that’s dependable and feels good not much shaking and belt skipping but I do not want to put anything together or pay someone so what is the best thing I’m looking for that can use rite out of box that’s not going to cost thousands… please help.

Big Guy Answer: Buy the 3G Cardio 80i Treadmill. No assembly, just unfold the bad boy right out of the box. Great treadmill and it will hold up for you at 300lbs. What is even more amazing, if you check out the comparison chart on bigguytreadmillreview.com – the 80i tested out better (performance based) than most other treadmills that cost thousands more. This is really the only legit option out there for you.