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Big Mike and Joni are key members of the Big Guy Treadmill Review lineup

If you have read the Big Guy Treadmill review, you have no doubt seen many references to “Big” Mike. He is the leader of our treadmill review team and a longtime veteran in the fitness industry.

But who is Big Mike? Let’s find out a little bit more about the man, the myth and the legend.


“Big” Mike Sullivan stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 298 pounds. His likes include Caesar salad, Diet Coke, heavy metal and Chelsea FC soccer. He dislikes long walks on the beach. He has had a great career as sales manager for the at Home Fitness superstores in Arizona. Big Mike is a former Div. I college athlete.

And, Big Mike loves to help people find the best treadmill to fit their needs.


Joni is a true specialty fitness equipment guru on our Big Guy Treadmill Review YouTube videos. He puts together the machines we review.

When watching the assembly videos, please be aware that our Joni is one of the best in the business at assembling treadmills. He will make everything look easy. If it takes him 30 minutes to assemble a treadmill it will probably take you 30 minutes X 4. No joking.

If Joni says he had a problem with something, you will have an even bigger problem with it. If he says it is easy, well, then we have no idea what he means and good luck. Basically, Joni is like the Yoda of fitness equipment assembly. He has skills that are at another level.

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Here at Big Guy Treadmill Review, we are elated with the feedback and compliments that our website visitors, readers, and YouTube viewers have bestowed upon us. We’ve been told time after time that no other review site can compare to ours – there’s simply nothing like it!

Most online review sites are unimaginative, simply paraphrasing data from other sources. It seems to be the same machines being featured regularly with generic details and descriptions.

At Big Guy Treadmill Review, we offer exclusive and unbiased reviews. Our review crew is part of the immensely popular At Home Fitness brand – a chain of renowned superstores in Arizona revered for their specialty fitness equipment!

Our treadmill reviews are distinctive for one key reason: a majority of our testers weigh over 200 pounds, with some weighing even close to 300! That’s right – we offer the largest and most comprehensive range of treadmill reviews to make sure machines can accommodate those heavier individuals.

At Big Guy Treadmill Review, we go the extra mile – literally! We purchase every treadmill that we review in order to accurately test them and ensure they meet our stringent standards. While none of us are NASA scientists, rest assured that each machine has undergone a rigorous evaluation tailored to provide you with trustworthy results.

We conducted exhaustive reviews to compare our product with those found on Amazon, and some of the results left us astonished!

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Leading brands that we carry at At Home Fitness were chosen for Big Guy Treadmill Reviews, such as Life Fitness, 3G Cardio, Peloton, Bowflex, Nordic Track, OMA and more.

In order to determine an accurate overall rating and value score, we rigorously evaluate our treadmills using over 125 different factors.

In order to make the best choice, all aspects must be considered when reviewing treadmills. This includes factors like cost, ratings of power and design comfortability, ease-of-use in buying and assembling processes, level of customer service provided, as well as motor reliability, electronics features such vitality of deck belt rollers along with warranty information.


You can ask us questions. We are not tech guys. We are not operators. We are legit fitness equipment people who love to talk fitness equipment. Feel free to email us questions or ask us online. We will answer you. We will also be doing some more of these down the road so please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Email: support@bigguytreadmillreview.com