NordicTrack 2450 Commercial Treadmill Review is Live!

The Big Guy Treadmill Review team does not give out a “Worst Value” award, but if we did the Nordic Track 2450 Commercial Treadmill would be in the running for it.

For starters, the heavily advertised Nordic Track Treadmills that have “commercial” in their names aren’t even rated for commercial use.

Nordic Track’s own warranty verifies this falsehood, stating, “This warranty will automatically be voided by the following conditions: … (5) if the product is used for commercial or rental purposes.”

In our quest to go the distance for treadmill enthusiasts, we called Nordic Track to ask why it advertises its treadmills as “commercial” machines when in fact they aren’t.

“After being on hold for about an hour, I asked someone from Nordic Track, ‘Why does your company say the Nordic Track 2450 is a commercial treadmill when it’s not?’” Big Guy Review team member “Big” Mike Sullivan said. “A company representative told me, ‘It’s because it’s the one from the TV commercials.’”

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Wow! That’s extremely misleading and shady.

“I weigh 296 pounds – down from 298 – and I don’t want to buy a treadmill thinking that it will be sturdy enough to hold up for commercial use when that’s not the case,” Sullivan said.

The Nordic Track 2450 Commercial Treadmill that shouldn’t be put under commercial use has a big, worthless upper display unless you are willing to pay $40 per month for a subscription.

The non-commercial warranty is lousy overall (2-Year Parts for home use, 1-Year labor warranty, void if used commercially or rented).

It’s not super easy to roll around. Nordic Track has poor customer service and poor reliability as experienced by our team and reported by online reviewers.

We will admit that the Nordic Track 2450 is a good feeling, solid treadmill with accurate speed ratings. There’s plenty of room to room, plenty of power in the motor and good handle bar position for walking and running.

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The Nordic Track 2450 scored an overall 87 on the Big Guy Treadmill Review rating scale.

Other than the few big issues noted above, we do like the feel of this treadmill (as long as you are ok with the monthly subscription fee).

However, at a steep price point we expect a lot more out the Nordic Track 2450 to recommend it as a “Best Buy” treadmill.

Please note that our reviews focus on the present moment and do not evaluate the long-term durability of products. It is recommended to conduct further research and consider customer feedback to gather insights on how these items perform over time.

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